Emerging Technology Teaching & Learning Grant

Emerging Technology Teaching & Learning Grant empowers faculty members who want an innovative use of groundbreaking technologies in redesigning existing courses or designing new courses to improve teaching and learning. This grant is intended to foster creative approaches with emerging technologies, involving artificial intelligence (AI) such as Columbia ChatGPT Enterprise, machine learning (ML), robotics, extended reality (e.g. augmented/mixed/virtual reality), 3D printing/scanning, drones and more. Awarded projects will be funded at the level of up to $20,000.

Proposal Submission and Requirements 

A request for proposal (RFP) should be five pages (not including the cover page) and include the Office of the Provost's Teaching and Learning Grant proposal requirements and checklist.


  • Emerging Technology Grants are open to full-time faculty only.
  • Non-consecutive awards
    • This eligibility policy aims to ensure fairness, broaden the distribution of resources, and maximize the impact of our grant program by limiting consecutive awards to the same applicant. This policy aims to encourage a diverse range of applicants and projects.
    • An applicant awarded the grant in the previous funding cycle will not be eligible for consecutive awards.
  • Waiting period
    • The waiting period is calculated from the end of the funded project or the last disbursement date, whichever is later. To be eligible for a subsequent grant, the applicant must observe a waiting period of 2-3 years from the date of the previous award.
    • Example: If an applicant received a grant in the 2022 funding cycle, they will not be eligible for the 2023 and 2024 funding cycles. They can reapply in the 2025 funding cycle, following the waiting period.


Awardees are required to submit a summary report of project success and a description of expenditures to the Emerging Technologies office. The comprehensive report should describe insights and conclusions, answering such questions included in the Office of the Provost's Teaching and Learning Grants reporting.

As part of our commitment to promoting excellence and innovation, we encourage grant awardees to participate in creating a collaborative news article. This article will highlight your project's achievements and milestones and be featured on the Emerging Technology website.

Proposals may be submitted to InfoReady, a central application platform for administering Emerging Technologies funding opportunities and awards.


We encourage those interested in scheduling a consultation before writing and submitting your proposal. To schedule a consultation, please contact [email protected]


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